A Channeling Handbook by Carla L. Rueckert

By Carla L. Rueckert

Written for channels and people who want to increase their channeling. themes include:

- what's channeling?

- Why channel?

- Psychic greetings/attacks

- Temptations and the ethics of channeling

- Channeling and Christianity

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Would you believe that I know no less than three people—albeit slightly—who have channeled their own destiny as that of bearing the Christ child and being His mother in His second Earthly pilgrimage after two thousand years? It’s true. No end of folly has been perpetrated by people who accept the falsehood that because they are channels they represent an elite and, in some way, have a leg up on the rest of humanity. Please examine your motives. If you are channeling for reasons other than curiosity or a desire to be of service to others and to the Creator, it would be well to avoid the practice of channeling, for, as I have said, it can really land one in the soup emotionally, mentally and even physically.

I do not shrug off the channeled information concerning the coming transformation of our planet or ourselves; however, it seems to me that we who are aware of the possibility of such remarkable events, if we are functioning as light workers, will be far more interested in how to excite and engage our own consciousness in work which will be helpful to those who have long known what it is that we do, but have not felt the need for metaphysical study. This would seem to me to mitigate strongly against the whole concept of survival places for a few.

Please use some discrimination! The lack of discrimination can have heavy penalties, and perhaps an example or two would be in order. If you are channeling, and any of these seems somewhat familiar to you, you may be able to do a little work in this area and begin to experience a far more efficacious career as a channel. Example one is a student I had in1975. She was an intensely intellectual, likable sort of a person, approaching30, prematurely middle-aged and dressed in that manner, and extremely swayed by whatever she was experiencing at the moment.

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