A grammar of dreams by David Foulkes

By David Foulkes

Five elements and appendices. '....a very good synthesis of Freudian dream technique psychology and Chomsky's structural linguistics...'-from the jacket

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Or, alternatively, the interrelatedness of the associations is imagined . to strongly indicate the essential dream synthesis: "where this meshwork is particularly close . the dream-wish grows up, like a mushroom out of its mycelium" (Freud, 1900, p. 525). However, there are reasons to doubt that the case is ever quite this simple : ultimately, the interpreter's role is a more active one than merely recognizing the synthesis provided by the dreamer-associator-it is, in fact, constructing such a synthesis on the basis of her or his own theory (see The Contents ofthe Sleeping Mind, pp.

That someday a marble tablet might be placed on the site of the "Irma" dream, indicating that here "the Secret of Dreams was Revealed to Dr. Sigm . Freud," tells us that "Irma" was some sort of turning point in Freud's understanding of dreams. 3 As we shall see, one recurrent source of ambiguity in Freud's model has to do with whether it is the dreamer's associations or the interpreter's activity which lead to this synthesis of the dream and associative material. At times, Freud writes as though the dreamer's comments themselves lead us directly to the organizing foci: "the dreamer's associations begin by diverging widely from the manifest elements, so that a great number of subjects and ranges of ideas are touched on, after which, a second series of associations quickly converge from these on to the dream-thoughts that are being looked for" (Freud, 1923b, p.

Nothing so highly structured, we imagine, could be the product of random processes . This same achievement also argues against those physiologists of Freud's day and our own who conceive of dreams as some low-grade form of thinking, 32 A GRAMMAR OF DREAMS and it refutes behaviorists who must see dreams as involving only "a simple form of thought" (Murray , 1965, p. 85). Rather, as Freud recognizes , dreams must be "constructed by a highly complicated activity of the mind" (I 900, p. 122). Fifth, the dream portrays different moral standards than those characteristic of wakefulness, at least of the overt behavior seen in the waking state .

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