A Guide to Awareness by Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara

By Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara

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This means a discrimination of what is wholesome and good, and of what is unwholesome and bad; what is detrimental and harmful, and what is harmless; what is evil and gross, and what is rare and refined; the dark side and the light side. 10 This is about the things inside our mind: the wholesome and unwholesome, the harmful and the harmless, the good and the bad, all within this mind. One’s discrimination is not quick enough when one recollects and becomes mindful of an affair only after it has arisen and died away and when the action, whether good or bad, has already been carried through.

Be aware of the breath’s contact at this single point, right here and now. At this moment, is there bodily and mental pleasure, pain or an intermediate feeling? Set the mind to see this and then look in at the mind. Is it agitated or calm? If you are comfortable in body and mind, then it should be calm. Otherwise, it will be unquiet and restive. Focus so as to know the actual situation at this moment. Examine yourself. If there is still restlessness, then that restlessness itself will be a hindrance which blocks the mind from samadhi.

How- grasping is a concocting process of the mind and as such is a form of mental-formations which is another condition of the mind’s incliningout. You should therefore examine this feeling of ‘me-and-mine’: How deep and profoundly does it lie? You will then find that it only goes as far as the nàma-råpa. ) are all lacking, then one has no experience of feeling or thinking at all. The physical body alone is merely like a hunk of wood totally without sensation or thought, and all sense of ‘self-andother’ has completely gone.

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