A Revolution in Values Through Religion by Ben Klassen

By Ben Klassen

In 1973, Ben Klassen introduced his association, the Church of the author (today referred to as Creativity). This publication, A Revolution in Values via faith, includes a number of his writing from his newspaper, "Racial Loyalty" which focussed on parts: publication I, a comparability of Creativity with a couple of different religions (Mohammedanism, Judaism, Christianity, Catholicism - Roman, Catholicism - Greek Orthodox, Protestantism, Hinduism, The Nazi-Germanic faith, British Israel - identification, Mormonism, Atheism and Odinism); and publication Ii, a hilarious review of bible tales titled "The Wildest tales Ever informed" (includes "Revelation: A Jewish Nightmare in Technicolor," pix similar to "The Hokey Miracles Attributed to J.C.," ; "The bizarre tale of the Rapture,"; "Christian Maniacs long gone Berserk: The Salem Witchcraft Trials,"; "The Jewish God: A Vicious, Bloodthirsty Monster") and masses extra.

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The projected figure by the Mormon Church for the year 2000 is 8 million, but with the fact that it is now going multiracial with a vengance they will undoubtedly far exceed that figure, and will soon become one of the largest and most powerful religions in the world as it tends to cooperate and meld itself more and more with Judaism, the historical enemy of the White Race. SHORT HISTORY. We have already sketched the origins of the Mormon creed and find it is based on Solomon Spalding's fictional novel Manuscript Found.

Give us your loyalty and support and I am sure that the glorious and best interests of the White Race will not only prevail, but encompass all that is worthwhile on this dear old Planet Earth. Yes, we too, have "visions," but unlike the Mormon hierarchy, we don't close our eyes and then lie like hell, in order to conjure up a vision. We look at the world with open eyes, learn from history and learn from Nature, then use our intelligence, apply logic and common sense to accrue to the best interest of our race, in our unending pursuit of building a Whiter and Brighter World.

Organizational Structure. The Identity movement is a loose conglomerate of many parts with no central point of focus, and little coordination. The Church of the Creator has its World Center near Otto, North Carolina and its organization is based on the Leadership Principle. It has ordained ministers who represent the creed and program of the Church in most States in this country, and also several foreign countries. Its creed and program are clearly spelled out in its Three Basic Books, and Expanding Creativity, Building a Whiter and Brighter World, and this book, Rahowa!

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