A Teacher's Guide to The Vietnam War: A History in Documents by John J. Fitzgerald

By John J. Fitzgerald

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The Tunnels of Cu Chi: A Harrowing Account of America's Tunnel Rats in the Underground Battlefields of Vietnam

On the top of the Vietnam clash, a posh method of mystery underground tunnels sprawled from Cu Chi Province to the sting of Saigon. In those burrows, the Viet Cong cached their guns, tended their wounded, and ready to strike. they'd just one enemy: U. S. squaddies small and wiry sufficient to move during the guerrillas' slender area.

Usaf F-4 Mig Killers 1972-73

The F-4 Phantom II was once the USAF workhorse fighter-bomber for the Linebacker crusade, which finally observed US forces withdraw from Vietnam 'with honour' in 1973. This e-book covers the F-4 assaults on various pursuits in North Vietnamese towns reminiscent of Hanoi and Haiphong, in addition to its engagements with Vietnamese MiG-19s and MiG-21s hell-bent on protecting the north from 'Yankee air pirates'.

Armor in Vietnam, A Pictorial History

Squadron sign courses In motion F9F Panther Cougar #1051 U3

A-4 Skyhawk

Equipped from 1954 to 1979, Douglas Skyhawk had an extended construction lifestyles than the other of the loose Worlds wrestle airplane and served because the common mild assault service airplane of the U. S. army for nearly two decades, supplying the majority of its notable strength in the course of a lot of the Vietnam struggle.

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S. 1st Cavalry Division making a mechanized assault into the village where the VCI cadre was hiding. This operation not only bagged the VCI target but also resulted in the defeat of an NVA battalion defending the village. With his Vietnam experience and his desire to return to the fight, Gardner willingly volunteered for the “detached duty” without having any more knowledge of what was expected of him. He only knew that if he was accepted for this new and potentially exciting work, he would no longer have to teach French.

Ho Chi Minh was quoted as saying that he was far more worried about our success against the VCI than against his regular forces. 27 Living in an apartment in Saigon and working out of the PRU headquarters in Saigon, Allen ranged across the length and breadth of South Vietnam planning, organizing, and conducting various missions for the PRU. Not adverse to danger, he routinely accompanied PRU teams on missions in the provinces, including several parachute missions. S. advisors in the 44 provinces of South Vietnam and conducting inspections of the PRU teams operating throughout the country.

They, too, had been monitoring the fighting and preparing to evacuate to the MACV compound about a mile away. Hubbard first wanted to go to the house of the Police Special Branch (PSB) advisor, located at No. 9 Phan Dinh Phung, to check on several people living there. Hubbard said they had not had any radio contact with them that morning. Hubbard and Jim departed through our backyard toward the Phu Cam Canal where the other house was located. The sky was brightening, but the day was gray and overcast.

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