The A to Z of dream interpretation : what dreams reveal by Pamela Ball

By Pamela Ball

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To dream of being adopted may reveal a basic insecurity over your sense of self. | Dreaming of adopting a child suggests you may have doubts about taking on new responsibilities. Conversely such a dream may signify that you are now in a position to take on a new project or concept. N In a man’s dream, being adopted may suggest fear of emotional closeness, whereas in a woman’s dream, she may actually be seeking such closeness. Your own personal circumstances will often give further clarification.

Where a distortion has occurred, we tend to project on to those around us the archetype with which we have most difficulty (often the Shadow). g. the woman who continually finds herself in close relationships with a father figure type, or the man who continually finds himself at odds AZ Dream Inter_006-038 28/9/07 10:32 Page 37 Introduction with women executives) until we learn how to cope with – and understand – our distortion. The obverse of this is that, with awareness, one is able to accept other’s projections on to oneself without being affected by them.

The two together suggest individual life. n The germ of an idea is present. There is also a need for patience in dealings, either with ourselves or others (the acorn requires a long gestation period to grow into the mighty oak). | When we dream of acorns there is a huge growth process beginning to emerge from small beginnings. There is a new potential for strength and AZ Dream Inter_039-075_A 28/9/07 10:57 Page 45 Actor spirituality. Since acorns appear in autumn, there may be the need to harvest or gather up the ideas before they can be stored, in order to give them time to work.

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