A watchdog's guide to investigative reporting : a simple by Derek Forbes.

By Derek Forbes.

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When you investigate some stories, as a female journalist you do get unnecessary difficulties and threats. When I was investigating gangsters in the townships ... I got threats that a male reporter would not have gotten, like rape ... Watchdog’s Guide to Investigative Reporting and owner of Metical, Carlos Cardoso, was gunned down in Maputo in November 2000. The journalist was known for his criticism of both government and the political opposition in that country. Cardoso was killed after he began investigating the $14 million bank fraud case involving over a dozen individuals at the Mozambican Commercial Bank.

For example Mpho Moagi’s work on sexual pressure from teachers at schools and the misuse of child care grants reflect her background; likewise Joyce Mulama’s work on US pressure to stop funds for condoms and abortion information at clinics [in Kenya]. With no investigative journalists from such backgrounds…such stories would not be told,” said Groenink. This makes it a priority to develop investigative journalism in all sectors of African society and move away from “a narrow focus on incidental exposure of corruption [to include] social investigative stories…” Secrecy and delay tactics 48 Watchdog’s Guide to Investigative Reporting Private companies are notoriously difficult to investigate.

Investing the money they receive, Felt’s identity was kept secret by the making it more difficult to trace any link Washington Post for 33 years. to them. For example, non-visible goods such as company shares require the journalist to have detailed knowledge of stock dealings and the ability to recognise the variety of techniques adopted by individuals to thwart detection and hide investments. Documentary sources Once a journalist is on the trail, s/he must gain access to evidence (usually in the form of public or non-public documents) to bear out source claims and the journalist’s own suspicions.

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