A Witch Alone: Thirteen Moons To Master Natural Magic by Marian Green

By Marian Green

I cherished this publication although it must never were my writing variety b/c I looked as if it would placed it down much more than the 2 different newbie books i bought. this doesn't suggest I remove any credits from it as i believe it may possibly simply be a type of books i must come again to because the time was once simply now not correct but, a minimum of for a few of the workouts.

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At noon on Midsummer's Day, garland your staff with St John's Wort with its golden sunray flowers, and all the brightest and best of the wild profusion in pinks and blues, mauves and whites, and the fresh green leaves from all the summer trees, especially oak. Face South and welcome the power of the Sun at his height. When Lammas-tide brings in the corn and the Harvest God dies in the field, dress the staff with red poppies, ears of wheat or barley or oats, flowers from the hedges, trails of dog's mercury, goosegrass and bindweed, and look to the South-west where his flaming sun begins to descend in the afternoon.

In the Old Religion this is the special time, when the young man who stands in for the God at the enactment of the ritual, asks the questions about his heritage, claims his name, his magical tools and receives initiation from his Mother/Grandmother. As he is set free on his own path the Goddess, using her magic of change, becomes the young maiden again. At the Spring Equinox the God has become the warrior, the Champion of the Goddess, and like such heroes as Hercules or our own King Arthur, he has twelve tasks to perform, each linked with one of the signs of the Zodiac.

Within the Work there are many close friendships, working partnerships where absolute love and trust form a strong foundation to the relationship. Some of these are life-long bonds, and others last only while a particular piece of work, or healing or training is taking place. The best way that any would-be or practising witch can serve the community is by being a valuable member of that society.

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