Adolescents and Morality by E M Eppel

By E M Eppel

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Have my own house and boat. ) 39 40 (iii) Glamorous Occupations Twenty-six per cent of the subjects choose as their models people with occupations that bring fame, wealth, travel, independence and power. When this and the previous group are combined it may be seen that fewer than 1 in 3 of these subjects are unrealistic in their goals and wishes. In addition, it could perhaps be argued that some of the â glamorousâ occupations epitomize for these youngsters, the essence of â masculinityâ or â femininityâ , since the boys stress success, athletic skill and adventure, and the girls beauty and approval.

Adventurers, etc. â I would like to be a scientist, the only scientist in the world that had a weapon far beyond the imaginationâ ¦. â â One of my main interests is Nature Study and animal life in general. So therefore the person I would most like to be like is Armand Denis. His knowledge and experience in this field is unsurpassedâ ¦. His occupation is generally concerned with travelling to various parts of the world and photographing and studying wild animalsâ ¦â â The person that I would most like to be is Dennis Pye, a famous Norfolk Broads pike angler.

It is perhaps surprising that so small a proportion ( per cent) give evidence of embracing predominantly materialistic values, given the images of â successâ purveyed by the popular press and the pressures of commercial advertising. 2. PHYSICAL APPEARANCE AND PLEASANT PERSONALITY (rank order 1) Popularity, based on good physical appearance and an acceptable personality ranks highest in the scale of values for these young people, and is the dominant value of 47 per cent of the subjects. It is of interest that a slightly higher proportion of boys than of girls are concerned for â the body beautifulâ .

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