Terrain Modelling by Richard Windrow

By Richard Windrow

This identify is helping modellers who desire to reveal the result of their efforts to the easiest virtue in a diorama. This publication offers certain details on the best way to create many differing types of terrain; the paints, glues, instruments and fabrics that might be of support to the modeller; and the way those will be got either in Europe and the us.

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What We Know: Scarecrow is a very old and strong fetch—lots of experience and very cunning. Powers: Supernatural Strength and Toughness. Its size lets it cover a lot of ground—but maybe it has a boost beyond that. Feeds on fear and sloughs off magic. Mirror-gates. Shapeshifting. Weaknesses: Standard fetch weaknesses. Some of the worst phobophages you’ll ever meet. This is why I don’t have mirrors in my apartment. You know, boss, given how scruffy you can get, you might want to rethink that. 43 What Goes Bump (Faeries) Hammerhands High Concept: Faerie Fetch Other Aspects: Hands Made Of Hammers Skills Alertness: Fair (+2) Athletics: Good (+3) Fists: Great (+4) Deceit: Fair (+2) Endurance: Fair (+2) Intimidation: Good (+3) Investigation: Average (+1) Stealth: Average (+1) Most other skills default to Mediocre.

With the general public forewarned and forearmed on the habits, powers, and weaknesses of Black Court vampires, the numbers of the Black Court have dwindled over the years—good news, because they’re pretty damned scary! This chapter is intended to serve as a quick recognition guide and, possibly, a more compact but wider-ranging version of Dracula for the Twenty-First Century. And what better way to boil down the appearance, information, powers, and weaknesses of a mass of monsters than into roleplaying game stats?

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