Air War Over Southeast Asia: A Pictorial Record Vol. 1, by Lou Drendel

By Lou Drendel

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On the top of the Vietnam clash, a posh procedure of mystery underground tunnels sprawled from Cu Chi Province to the sting of Saigon. In those burrows, the Viet Cong cached their guns, tended their wounded, and ready to strike. they'd just one enemy: U. S. infantrymen small and wiry adequate to move throughout the guerrillas' slim area.

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But the first chemical herbicide preceded the Skoog-Thimann discovery by thirty-five years. 7 Although the compound proved an effective herbicide, from an agricultural standpoint sodium arsenite was problematic. 8 As the botanist James R. ”9 The quest to displace the physical toil of agriculture with the labor-saving “magic” of biochemistry became a central mission of the Boyce Thompson Institute (bti) for Plant Research, launched in 1924 in Yonkers, New York. Thompson, who had made his fortune in copper mining, created the insti agent orange before vietnam 35 tute in his name because of his concern over the widening gap between population growth and the feeding capacity of American agriculture.

S. 30 By 1967 the nlf had organized its own war crimes committees, apparently modeled after the Russell tribunal, and the following year the North Vietnam Social Sciences Institute issued a wide-ranging survey on American war crimes. 31 Throughout the war, the literature and broadcasts coming out of communist Vietnam strove to establish the existence of solidarity with the majority of the world’s peoples on the issue of herbicides. 32 Hanoi and the nlf counted on wide-ranging solidarity against herbicidal warfare largely as a presupposition that the severity and inhumane character of Ranch Hand would forge a dissenters’ bond across the first, second, and nonaligned worlds.

Militant anticommunism, as it was being applied in Vietnam, had damaged America’s national security and at the same time threw into question the primacy of communist expansion as the dominant security threat facing the An etymology of ecocide 29 United States. Even more worrisome in Kennan’s view was that the decade­long fixation on Vietnam had obscured a threat that, if left unchecked, pointed to a struggle for human survival that would render irrelevant the ideological conflicts that had animated the cold war.

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