American Israelis by Ari Rebhun

By Ari Rebhun

It is a thorough research of Israelis who dwell within the usa tracing their social and monetary mobility, their integration into the neighborhood Jewish group, in addition to their attachment to their domestic state.

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Furthermore, the more Israelis there are in the United States in general, and from specific countries or origin groups in particular, the more it is expected that new emigrants with similar backgrounds will choose the same destination. Below we examine the American Israelis’ countries or regions of birth, their ethnic origins, and how migration and settlement in the united states 31 these affinities have changed over time. , those who did not leave the United States and are still alive) as well as new immigrants during the decade preceding the census.

They also act at the personal and family level of sending money to relatives (Shain, 1999; Sheffer, 1986). These particular émigrés are well educated individuals who often serve as mediators and creators of connections among technological enterprises and projects in both countries and, aided by their proficiency in the language of the origin country, they establish personal connections that enhance investment in the country that they left behind (Heruti-Sober, 2008). Ethnic diasporas also maintain very strong emotional ties with the homeland.

Homelands acknowledge today, at least rhetorically, the social migration, transnationalism, diaspora, and research 13 and political importance of diasporic émigrés and their economic contribution to the home country. However, the homeland’s political and establishmentarian leadership, as well as its inhabitants, view the homeland as the nation’s political and cultural hub, assign themselves a superior status, and treat the diaspora’s needs as of secondary if not marginal priority. The tension between the two coexisting connections, to the homeland and to the host land, eventually evolves into a dual loyalty that may be reflected in the swapping of preference for the policies of the local administration or those of the homeland (Sheffer, 2001).

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