American Power and the New Mandarins by Noam Chomsky

By Noam Chomsky

This can be a facsimile replica of Noam Chomsky's iconic anti-war book.

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1967), p. 166. iii I Ii ill I IIIIII li Iiiiil! I Mil I Ii I I I i I II • II I II OBJECTIVITY AND LIBERAL SCHOLARSHIP ln a recent essay, Conor Cruise O'Brien speaks of the process of "counterrevolutionary subordination" which poses a threat. to scholarly integrity in our own counterrevolutionary society, just as "revolutionary subordination," a phenomenon often noted and rightly deplored, has undermined scholarly integrity in revolutionary and postrevolutionary situations. 1 He observes that "power in our time has more intelligence in its service, and allows that intelligence more discretion as to its methods, than ever before in history," and suggests that this development is not altogether encouraging, since we have moved perceptibly towards the state of "a society maimed through the systematic Parts of this essay were delivered as a lecture at New York University in March 1968, as part of the Albert Schweitzer Lecture Series, and will appear in Power and Consciousness in Society, edited by Conor Cruise O'Brien and published by New York University Press.

1 be moved forward. " Huntington's own contribution to "scholarly study and understanding of Vietnam" includes an article in the Boston Globe, February 17, 1968. Here he describes the "momentous changes in Vietnamese society during the past five years," specifically, the process of urbanization. " "So long as the overwhelming mass of the people lived in the countryside, the VC could win the war by winning control of those people-and they came very close to doing so in both 1961 and 1964. " The sources of urbanization have been described clearly many times, for example, by this American spokesman in Vietnam: "There have been three choices open to the peasantry.

Bell's thesis that intellectuals are moving closer to the center of ~1 AMERICAN POWER AND THE NEW MANDARINS power, or at least being absorbed more fully into the decisionmaking structure, is to some extent supported by the phenomenon of counterrevolutionary subordination noted earlier. That is, one might anticipate that as power becomes more accessible, the inequities of the society will recede from vision, the status quo will seem less flawed, and the preservation of order will become a matter of transcendent importance.

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