American Style: Shaker, Mission & Country Projects (Custom by Time-Life Books, Woodsmith

By Time-Life Books, Woodsmith

Woodsmith customized Woodworking American variety Shaker, undertaking and kingdom initiatives together with schematics, jig plans and directions for stools, desk, chairs, footstools, outfits tree, couch desk, and masses extra.

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Straight out. Then rotate the dowel Note: You'll have to reposition the slightly and repeat this procedure until support block when routing dowels of the tenon is formed. different diameters. 2a). (refer to Fig. 9 on previous pag-e). W I . --~ ' ,: I. J.. 103 1 ~ u"", IWL [I PUSH DOWEL IN AND oUl THEN ROTA,~ AND REPEAT a. '~ AUX. / AUXIUARY fl:NCE COVERS ~ ROUTER FENCE ~ OPENING TO CUT SHOULDER. PLUNGE DOWEL IN AND ROTATE CLOCKWISE N"'" FE"" ClAM' SUPPORT // BCOCK TOTABLE b. SUPPORT ROCK a. CENTER OOWR ON BIT SIZE TENON SUGffTLY OVERSIZE.

Sjust a saap piece with a tapered edge and a small cleat at one end. 'The jig acts as an angled spacer between the rip fence and the leg. You pllsh the leg- through the blade, and the cleat causes the jig to ride along (Pig . 'I). When one lnper is cuI, rotate the leg so the other mortised face is toward the blade and make a second pass. J , I I ~. ~ J IJ ® U"", I "''' I ,, a. ~ I~ © I~ 11% ! --'" 1,. 'b. --..! , J'--- --u. -}4 R Kow the legs can be set aside and work call begin on the rails that will join the legs at the ends of the table.

Back right). &h" ROUND-OVER BIT "---~ FORSTNER FENCE ~··RADIUS ""'" "'" MORE ON MAKING DOWELS, SEE PAGE 37 STOP CUT ABOUT 2' SHORT OF BOTH ENDS Also, note that the positions for the CUT NOTCHES. Now before cutting side rail holes on the front and back legs the dowels to final length, I cut the W'are not the same. The holes in the back wide notches for the rockers on the legs arc 1W' closer to the bottom end. bottom of eaeh leg (Pig. 6). I used a Later, when the chair is assembled with band saw ror this, cleaning up the top the rockers, this offset helps Ihe chair shoulder with a sharp chisel.

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