America's Commitment to South Korea: The First Decade of the by Joo-Hong Nam

By Joo-Hong Nam

The ebook analyses the strategic cause of the yank defense dedication to South Korea within the mild of the palpable failure of containment procedure in Indo-China. throughout the Nineteen Seventies the difficulty confronting successive American administrations used to be that, when wishing to take care of their previous dedication to South Korea, they'd no wish to preside over one other Vietnam. army dedication and political aid have been unavoidably disengaged, and the Nixon doctrine served as either the tip and the technique of containment process in Asia. The research identifies the critical stipulations that experience stimulated altering American views on South Korea, and examines many of the normal difficulties of collective safety within the sector. specific within the direct engagement of China, the Soviet Union and the us, the safety place of South Korea bears at once upon the success of peace and balance all through East Asia.

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