America's Midlife Crisis: The Future of a Troubled by Gary R. Weaver;Adam Mendelson

By Gary R. Weaver;Adam Mendelson

Whatever has occurred to the basic nature of yank culture...a midlife crisis.Recently observers have famous a seismic shift a ways past common cyclic alterations in tradition and traits in the US. Following September eleven, the us, now not convinced within the defense of 2 massive oceans, a strong army constitution and a dominant economic climate, built guidelines and practices that exclude foreigners and appear to violate uncomplicated civil rights assured less than the structure. After many years of the ebb and stream of isolationism and expansionism, the USA took a inflexible new tack that hasn't been reversed yet.What's occurring in the US? And extra importantly, why? America's Midlife challenge examines the background and tradition of the rustic at an important element in its improvement. From immigration to to international effect, this booklet captures the values, ideals and behaviors of an more and more complicated society that's suffering to carve out its position in a brand new international order.ContentsIntroduction1 American nationwide tradition: an issue of tradition and History2 what's the American tradition and what's a customary American?3 Melting Pots to Mosaics: Race and Immigration4 From John Winthrop to John Wayne: Exceptionalism, Self-Reliance, and Cowboy Values5 do not simply Stand There, Do Something!6 American Civic Culture7 Prosperity at domestic, status overseas: overseas Policy8 What Holds the United States jointly additionally Tears it Apart9 a countrywide Midlife hindrance? the place can we pass from Here?BibliographyIndex

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The American tendency to see the world in terms of dualism and melodrama may be a unique combination of Western Aristotelian thought, Protestantism, and especially Calvinism, mixed with the American youthful experience. ” Although most Americans share a national image and many common values, beliefs, and ways of looking at the world, the United States is also a country of enormous ethnic, racial, religious, and regional diversity. Each region of the United States has its own geography and history of immigration.

Realistic Cultural Empathy The economic, political, social, and personal behavior of the American people can only be understood within the context of their unique culture. The traditional beliefs and worldviews of the American people, and even the way they think and solve problems, are all shaped by their shared historical experiences and their common cultural values. It is almost impossible to explain or predict a person’s behavior unless we know how they perceive the world and how they solve problems.

But countries in Europe do not view themselves as immigrant nations. The mainstream institutions of European society remain tightly knit, insular, and largely homogeneous. Discrimination against immigrants still exists in many parts of Europe. 12 Being an American today means that identity is based on ideas and values, and it is a matter of choice rather than historical legacy. The American system mandates that individuals share a social contract that assumes they can determine and take responsibility for their own economic and social well-being.

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