An Introduction to Distributions by John Horvath

By John Horvath

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Animals Evidence suggests that a close affinity for a particular type of animal may indicate a past-life association. If you have always had a special attraction for horses, you have probably been around horses in a previous life. If your love of cats borders on an obsession, you may have loved cats in a previous incarnation, or even worshiped them. Try looking through bestiaries or natural history books to find resonances for animals that might give you clues to previous lives. Climate One of the more interesting past-life resonances that seems to stay with us is our ability to tolerate a particular climate.

For example, using the Resonance Method, you will find that you will quickly amass a large list of possible past-life memories—time periods, geographic locations, occupations, and so on. You must then try to acquire the discerning eye of a lawyer or detective as you go over the list to see if any of these disparate pieces of information link together to form a larger picture. If no larger picture immediately jumps out at you, be patient and don't force the pieces together. If in your excitement you get carried away and accidentally fabricate a false past-life history for yourself, you may prevent yourself from recognizing an actual past-life 27 YOUR PAST LIVES memory that contains information that would be important and beneficial to you.

Perhaps it is something more akin to an allegory or a dream. Whatever it is, it is an important expression of your psyche. Learn from it. Incorporate the good parts of what you discover into your current life, and make peace with anything unpleasant. Then 28 Exploring Alone move on. As you set out to explore your past lives, also remember to keep one foot planted firmly in historical reality. You have probably not been Julius Caesar or Theda Bara or one of the twelve apostles. You have probably not always been the same sex that you are in this life.

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